3 Common Temporary Building Misconceptions

hts-prefabTemporary buildings and warehouses have witnessed something of a boom over the last few years and their popularity seems to be ever-growing. They have seen themselves go from an unfancied storage boxes to multi-purpose areas capable of providing all manner of services and benefits.

Even with that being said though, many misconceptions still exist which prevent people and businesses from taking advantage of prefabricated buildings when they could in fact be utilising them to great effect.  [Read more →]

5 Steps for Machinery Relocation

emcon-moving-machineryWhen it comes to relocating a whole workplace, there are a lot of things that need preparing. Offices need to be packed up, shelving needs to be dismantled and telecommunications need to be connected at the other end. It may sound like a stressful time, but compared to getting ready to relocate heavy machinery, it is arguably a pretty straightforward task.

If you’re planning on moving with industrial equipment, there are a few factors to consider in order to give yourself the greatest possible chance of ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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Protecting Your Home from Intruders

home-security-lightThe home is a place of sanctuary and wellbeing, away from the dangers and stresses of the world. It’s probably where all of your favourite things live and many of them are either sentimentally or financially invaluable.

That is exactly why protecting your precious items is just as vital as getting them in the first place. You’re probably aware of this and have implemented some form of plan to ward off trespassers and safeguard those indispensable belongings, maybe even as early as the construction stage of your home. If you haven’t, or even of you have, there’s plenty of areas of concern and addressing them can give you an added peace of mind.

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Identifying the Signs of Subsidence

subsidenceSubsidence is something that you’ll hopefully never find wrong with your property. It is the downward movement of a structure’s foundations that results in sinking or uneven buildings and can be detrimental to both your property and your pocket.

The longer subsidence goes undetected, the worse it can get over time and of course, the worse it gets, the more damage it can bring with it. That’s why it is essential to spot the signs of subsidence early and limit damage and costs to a minimum.

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Important Things to Look for when Choosing a Crane Hire Company

Crane LopryChances are if you’re reading this, you’re thinking you may need to hire a crane. Whether you’re building a structure that’s smaller, or something of a larger scale that may take more time, it’s important to know what to look for when hiring a company that will supply you with one of the most important tools in creating what you want.

Like any project, things could go wrong. Knowing that you, your employee’s and your building site are in safe hands, often helps the process go a lot smoother.

There are a few things to think about when hiring a crane.

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Mezzanine Flooring Materials

Your business is the reason you go to work every day. Your ambition drives you to give maximum effort in growing and expanding which if achieved is a rewarding feeling like not many experiences can deliver. You may find that over time, your business becomes so successful that you no longer have adequate floor space to meet objects and requirements.

A problem a lot of companies face, the capacity increases required leave a question to be answered; how can it be achieved to a desirable standard and suitable budget.

It may be that your current site premises are ideal for your business and relocating could potentially put current business links you have in jeopardy. You could be baffled by how extortionate prices can be when moving to a new building or even purchasing a prefabricated temporary building.

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Benefits Of Fitted Bedroom Suites

A good 33% of our lives are spent sleeping in the bedroom. Add to that the fact that many of us spend a great deal of our time in the bedroom, shouldn’t it be important that we surround ourselves

with a room perfect for sleeping, relaxing and getting ready.

To achieve this, the bedroom needs to be personal to us. What your friend may like, you may hate. When it comes to gaining uniquely designed rooms, most people will grab a tin of paint or a few rolls of wallpaper and go with the flow from then on in.

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The Various Types of Fires and Appropriate Extinguishers

fire-extinguishersThere are many types of fires which may occur in the home, from oil based fires in the kitchen, electrical fires from faulty appliances, gas fires etc… Each fire should be fought using specific types of fire extinguishers.

Here is a quick guide to the different fire types and the type of extinguisher to use.

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5 Reasons to Have a Mezzanine

When most companies are starting out, they do so in small offices or even at home. As these businesses begin to grow, they need more office space and a place to store their ever-increasing inventory. However, they might still not be able to move to a larger premise and pay more rent.

Most businesses opt to remain in the same premises they currently occupy in order to avoid the hassles of moving. But in most cases, these businesses are renting the properties, and therefore they are not able to build an extension. This is where mezzanine floors come in handy. Below are five reasons to have a mezzanine.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Internal Joiners

An internal joiner plays a very important role of joining two round pipes of the same diameter. It is often a cost-effective option when compared to the need of welding, bending, or threading of the tubes. These are comparatively simpler to use and usually do not need any elaborate equipment. An internal joiner is also known as a key clamp or a pipe clamp. [Read more →]