Decorating Your Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom can be a tricky endeavour that is harder than decorating your other rooms. Decorating the living room for instance is likely to be easy. This is a large room, designed for people to relax and socialize in, and with lots of tables and sideboards to stand your items.

On the other hand though, your bathroom is a smaller room in most cases, and is designed with one practical purpose in mind – getting washed (and perhaps using the toilet). This then means that you are likely to struggle to think of where to put your items where they won’t get in the way, and this is exacerbated by the fact that all the water and steam can be enough to damage your belongings in here.

Choosing your decorations then can be tricky, but yet it is still a nice idea to decorate them if you can in order to help you make them look more visually interesting and in order to give them more character rather than just looking plane and empty. Here we will look at some suggestions that can achieve this without getting in the way or making a mess.

1) A Mirror

A mirror is a great idea for a bathroom and the more you can get the better. The glass in a mirror of course is first of all not going to be easily damaged by water or condensation and can easily be wiped down in order to avoid mold or other damage. This makes it ideal for easy maintenance and will help you to keep your bathroom looking great.

At the same time a mirror is perfect for helping your bathrooms to look bigger and more spacious as they reflect light and thereby make the rooms look brighter and cleaner. They also have practical use in that they help you to shave or to do your hair, and the more mirrors you have to see yourself in the more thorough you can be in washing.

2) Bathroom Ornaments

The best kinds of ornaments are china with a glaze on them to prevent water damage. Make sure that you choose things that are relatively smooth which will be easy to dry by wiping down with a cloth, and ensure as well that they are kept somewhere out of the way where they aren’t going to get damaged – for instance a windowsill is a common choice. Avoid metal objects as these can become quite hot as a result of all the steam.

3) Pictures

Pictures look great in the bathroom too, and this is partly because they are less common here than they are in other rooms. If you are going to use a picture in your bathroom then make sure that it has a glass frame over it to keep it from getting wet and damaged, and at the same time avoid using anything that has a wooden outside or other materials that can be damaged by the water.

In general for your ornaments and pictures try to think of images that will match the theme of your bathroom. Fish and other aquatic images are somewhat ‘done to death’ now and a little clichéd, but at the same time they still work if that’s what you want to see. Outdoors and natural images are also great in general and will help to make you feel as though you are showering under a waterfall in the Amazon somewhere.