How Does a Shower Pump Work?

Have you ever wondered as to why some showers have more power than yours? And ultimately more enjoyable as a result of this.

After a hard day at work, it can get rather irksome having a shower dribble over you, rather than send you to a whole new state of relaxation and comfort. It would surely be much more preferable to have a shower that can evoke these lovely feelings, instead of a shower that shows you utter despondency.

A simple explanation and resolution can be achieved in regards to your low-pressured shower; it is usually down to your shower pump.

Things to Consider

When considering a shower pump, there are a small number of factors to consider, the major factor being what type of pump will work best for your home.

Single Impeller Pumps

A single impeller pump – These pumps are designed to pump either hot or cold water to the shower. Its single blade drives water (usually hot) to the shower mixer where it is combined with cold water to deliver your desired water temperature.

Twin Impeller Pumps

A twin impeller pump – This is the more widely used pump nowadays. Each impeller, which is like a tiny propeller, is fed by both hot and cold water which is delivered to the shower mixer at an equal pressure and flow.

When wanting to achieve that wonderful feeling that is a powerful shower the most important factor is the shower pump’s pressure capacity. The higher the pressure capacity is, the more powerful your shower will be. Thus achieving the dream shower time you deserve after that tough day’s graft.


One last small thing to consider when purchasing a new shower pump is the manufacturer. With so many brands available now, it is advisable that you purchase a reputable maker of pump. To help in this process and to make it less painful and far more efficient.

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