Space Saving Ideas for Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are oftentimes the most cramped rooms in your home. Those who live in smaller abodes, such as duplexes and apartments, often find themselves unable to move in their bedrooms. Fortunately, there are a lot of great space-saving ideas that can help you create more room in your sleeping area.

Here are some really good space-saving ideas for your bedroom:

1) Fold Up Beds

A great way to free up space during the daytime is with a bed that folds into something else. This can include a sleeper sofa, a futon, or a Murphy bed. Murphy beds actually fold into the wall or a cabinet, so they are great space savers. These beds can quickly turn a bedroom into another room that you can use when you are not sleeping.

2) Put The TV Set On The Wall

The days when TV sets were big boxes that took up a lot of space are fast disappearing. Modern flat screen TV sets can be easily hung on the wall to free up a lot of space.

3) Use The Space Under The Bed For Additional Storage

Instead of putting clothes in a bulky dresser, put them in boxes or other containers that can be slid under the bed. There are great looking fabric storage boxes that sell for less than $20 apiece. Shoes, extra clothing, and bedding can all be easily stored under the bed.

4) Pull-out Storage Cupboards

Pull-out storage cupboards that fold out of the wall can add a lot of space to your bedroom. Pull-out cabinets, like the ones used in the kitchen, can be added to a bedroom fairly quickly and easily. These cupboards are a great place to store shoes, socks, and underwear.

5) Move Bulky Items To Other Parts Of Your Home

If you don’t have enough space in your bedroom, look for other parts of your home to store them. You can store exercise equipment and other bulky items in the garage or the basement. You can also hang additional pieces of clothing, such as jumpers and ski jackets, in other closets.

6) Take Inventory Of Your Clothing On A Regular Basis

Go through your clothes and shoes and get rid of anything you don’t regularly wear or is getting worn or frayed. This opens up space in your closet and really simplifies your life. Try going through the closet and dresser every few months and make it a goal to get rid of several pieces of clothing or pairs of shoes.

7) Add An Additional Clothing Rail To Your Closet

Simply hang a second rod about halfway below your existing rod. That gives you a second rod to hang clothing. You can create more space to hang items by raising your existing rod as high as you can.

There is no reason to put up with a cluttered, cramped bedroom. There are plenty of simple space-saving moves you can make to open things up and get everything organised.