When to Call a Professional Rather Than Rely on the DIY Expert inside Yourself

People nowadays have almost adapted to having at least some form of DIY know-how. In the past most household problems would require professional assistance, but that isn’t always the case for today’s modern homeowner.

Being able to amend most issues around the home can end up saving you a fair deal of money. Attempting them and failing however, can potentially increase your outgoings. That is why it is extremely important to recognise which tasks you can complete yourself and which need the attention of a qualified tradesperson.

Which common household tasks are best left in the hands of a professional though?

Fuel and Gas Repair

Fuel and gas appliances can be a time bomb to the inexperienced hand. With flammable substances rife in the makeup of appliances and the potential for unnoticeable leaks, going in with insufficient knowledge can be fatal.

Inaccurate “fixing” of appliances runs the risk of fire and carbon monoxide leaks which of course you don’t want. Always enlist the help of a professional and under no circumstances, try to open boilers and other such devices. Also make sure that anybody inspecting your fuel is Gas Safe registered which you can do on the Gas Safe Register site.

Electrical Issues

You’re able to change a light bulb and you might even be capable of changing an amp in a plug but if that’s where your electrical ability ends, don’t be tempted to start messing around with wires. One wrong move or change of current and you could be looking at electrical shock and fire.

Professional electricians have the skillset needed to avoid horrendous outcomes and are there to help you. It may be a little pricey but surely not as expensive as replacing your whole home if fire breaks out as a result of you tampering with your electrics.

Roofing Damage

From the outside, roofing seems pretty straightforward and in some cases maybe it is. That’s not to say though that you should instantly reach for your ladder if you spot a problem. There are a lot of variables to take in which makes each roof a unique environment.

There’s the obvious risk of falling as well as clambering up a ladder toolbox in hand, temperature (heat, frost, ice and rain will all impact the surface) and the angle of the slope, which may make it more difficult to stay stable. Qualified roofers will have extensive expertise in all manner of roofs and concerns.

Plumbing Problems

Unblocking a drain or replacing a shower hose is a simple enough activity but that doesn’t make everybody capable of doing so a plumber. Leaks and drips can be annoying, however going all out to make them stop may only encourage the issue to worsen.

It could be that leaks in your pipes are present and incorrect repair can end up in burst pipes, flooding your whole home. Hire a plumber and do it immediately too. Small leaks can end up eroding the soil of your foundations, resulting in subsidence. You’ll then to foot another bill for remediation works – either underpinning or injection technologies.

Tree and Branch Trimming

Taking a chainsaw to a tree sounds like something that should be on every macho man’s bucket list but of course there’s a lot more to it than unleashing a motoring chopping tool.

The process requires precision and delicacy, especially in a domestic environment. Wrong implementation can see a whole tree fall into next door’s garden, or even worse, onto your home. Even pruning can be dangerous as doing it wrongly can affect the soils as leaves look for water from the ground. Again, this can result in subsidence if roots take the moisture from your building’s foundation. Always call in a professional, regardless of the situation.

Don’t Go It Alone

It goes without saying that you should never try and resolve something unless you’re competent and confident of being able to rectify the issue at hand.

Even if you’re a keen DIY enthusiast with a little knowledge on these issues, it’s probably not worth the risk of anything going wrong. As skilled as you may happen to be, you’re probably not on the level of somebody who can come round and sort out the problem without fail.

You don’t want to end up paying more than you have to because you’ve made the situation worse or contributed to additional complications such as subsidence. Call a professional and everything should be fine for a very long time.